Friday, May 23, 2008

The Countdown

Testing, testing, 1...2...3! goes. It is just over 24 hours before I leave on my next big adventure. I am still sitting at my desk, at work (clearly working very hard!) and getting myself sorted for what comes next!

Out of Office response put on my work email- CHECK!
Voicemail changed (to see you in September suckers!!!)- CHECK!
Set up new blog to record what the hell goes on in the next few months- CHECK!

Good to go. 2.5 hours left before I get to lock the office door for the last time. So sweet!
Departure Time: Saturday May 24th, 2008. 11:15pm.
First Stop: London, England (to see Jessica & Amanda)

2008 Summer Vacation- HERE I COME!


Anonymous said...

i'm already having seperation anxiety.....

mom and dad said...

Who am I going to call every day???

mom and dad said...

hey it's day 3, no news???

Anonymous said...

"it's 7:30 time to wake up" ....oh yeah, you're not here :(

and i agree with your mom - where's our updates!