Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top Ten List

Top Ten Reason I Just Endured Worlds Worst Bus Trip (on a LOCAL bus)
1.There was a motorcycle parked in the aisle beside me at the back of the bus which means i spent 15 long hours inhaling diesel fumes.
2.There was Laos comedy BLARING on the TV for the first 6 hours, then Laos music for the last 9 hours (did I mention this was an OVERNIGHT bus?)
3.My seat was jammed in the most upright uncomfortable position imaginable.
4.A young (not so sweet smelling) girl asleep on my shoulder for most of the trip.
5.As opposed to speed bumps, there were cows, dogs, chickens and cats that made the bus come to an abrubt stop or threatening swerve approximately every 3-5 minutes.
6.Horking men.
7.No air conditioning.
8.Windows and doors left wide open during one of the many unneccesary stops so every form of insect and creature joined us on our journey.
9.No toilets at ANY of the stops, forcing me to stop and squat in front of the bus, as I was afraid if any veered off any further I would be left behind.
10.It was a 15 HOUR journey.
-oh and one extra for good luck. 11. the only 2 other backpackers on the bus were passed out THE ENTIRE TIME after taking i get why that is such a hot commodity on the "backpacker circuit". fun times.

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