Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Another Day

I got on to an almost empty bus this morning. There was a really cute little old Korean lady who pulled out a thermos and at a red light she poured herself a little mug full of piping hot, delicious smelling coffee. About 2 stops later she changed seats and sat as close to the driver as she could get. Two stops later she was yammering on to him and he pulled over, dug a little travel mug out of his bag and accepted some coffee from her. It was so sweet. I just kept thinking you would NEVER in a million years see something like that on the TTC at home. I love Korea. As everyday passes I am happier and happier with how my life is unfolding.

HARU is my second home. I have actually found a cuter little coffee shop, much more quaint and much more Korean than Haru, and even closer to my house. Unfortunately it doesn't have WiFi so until I get internet at home, Haru it is.

I am going on a month of no internet and I'm honestly starting to twitch. My principal asks every day if its hooked up yet, but nope, not yet. I am waiting for my ARC (alien registration card) to be legitimate. Then I get a bank account, then a PAYCHEQUE, then a phone and internet. Step by step. And Haru makes amazing americanos, and it gets me out of my apartment, so I guess I can't complain.

Last night I went out for my second dinner out and it was great. I went to a Korean BBQ place with about a dozen other foreign english teachers. There was beef and pork cooking on 3 separate grills on the table and then all the little sides littered all over our tables. Good eats and new friends. I think I might've made Christmas plans to go off skiing for the weekend which suits me just fine! It'll be fun and keep me from missing home at the holidays.

Also made plans for tomorrow night, my first trip to a jimjibang, a Korean bath house (apparently they're really popular here). YEAH!! A little nervous to shed all my gitch since Koreans aren't too cool with tattoos, but I'll see how it goes.

I'm loving all the networking, it almost seems too easy. The photos are of my 2 Korean coworkers. Juwon is one of my english co-teachers, and JiHye is the music teacher at my school. These girls are awesome! They are my lifeline at school and my weekly coffee dates after work. This week we are sacrificing coffee for um, I can't remember, some spicy Korean food they want me to try. Fingers crossed it doesn't blow my head off, cause Koreans eat SPICY STUFF! Random fact, Koreans are reported to have the highest percentage of people with stomach issues (I fit right in), they have the spiciest food in the world.

I am really looking forward to the next few days, I'm booked right up! Date with the girls after work, then a jimjibang. Saturday morning I am off to EVERLAND, the Korean Disney World.

Then Saturday I am going with a few other teachers to Seoul. The area we are going to is called Insadong and apparently its full of artsy places and teahouses! Can't wait for my next trip back to Seoul.

Monday to Wednesday of next week I am off for an overnight teacher training course. It is done by area, with about 150 people attending, so I think I am about to meet another slew of teachers in my area. Bring it on!

A few americano's in, but unfortunately it's time for bed, Haru is closing. I had a late start this morning, but tomorrow is back to the regular schedule of 8:30 starts. Another random fact. Today's late start was because the middle school kids have their HUGE exam to determine what high school they get into. Education determines everything in Korea, this examination is life or death. So all the schools started later than normal to reduce traffic congestion so no one was late, or stressed out. I think that is very courteous. Plus I got to sleep in, a win/win situation.

Ok, lights out for now. Anyoung Haseo.

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Travelling Chick said...

ohhh can't wait to hear what you think of the jimjilbang .... don't worry, they'll stare at you anyway .. I foudn it helpful to not wear my contacts so I was blind LOL and really just enjoyed my Sunday ritual! soo sooo incredible...ahhhh....