Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring has Sprung in Korea

Strawberries. I feel this is a necessary thing to blog about because it has become such a part of my life in the last few weeks. I was shying away from buying strawberries in Korea for 2 reasons. First because they were pretty expensive and secondly because they were so bright and big and perfect looking they looked fake, or at least genetically modified. I ended up trying one at school and sank my teeth into possibly the tastiest fruit I've ever tried. I am now hooked. My fridge has a constant supply of them and I think I've uttered the sentence 'They MUST be injected with sugar', about a million times already (that was for you Garry!) They're that good. The best part is, apparently in the summer they get even better. Right now these are 'winter strawberries'. And they all are grown right here in K-Town, in green houses and are even exported to other countries. Absolutely amazing.

My girlfriend has even found a strawberry festival going on at the beginning of April that we're going to. Some of the bizarre events we can take part in there are making clay strawberries, sampling strawberry hot sauce and rice cakes, a strawberry sketch contest, and obviously picking and eating strawberries till your heart's content! Cannot wait.

The temperature in Korea has been hovering around 10 degrees celsius this week and it feels glorious. As happy as I am to have missed out on a Canadian snowy, slushy icey winter, it has still been really cold the past few months here. I also keep hearing stories of how long and cold last winter was in Korea. I have kept the faith though that this isn't just a tease and I have hung my winter jacket up for good. I have looked at the forecast for my mini-break in Busan this weekend and it is supposed to be a wet but mild 17 degrees, I've almost forgotten what that feels like that. (Side Note: Janelle I miss living with someone who cares as much about the weather as I do... there is no one to talk about it with all the way over here in Korea. *sigh* it's the little things).

Because this week is still Spring Camp, not regular school I have been leaving early afternoon and walking home. I usually take the bus, but have been really enjoying the warm 45 minute stroll back into the city centre where I live. There isn't a trace of snow around and I know any day know green things are going to start sprouting out of the ground.

Another warm and happy feeling is going swimming :) It has been years since my lifeguarding days and swimming lengths, and it feels so nice to be back in the water. The Osan sports complex is really nice and going there lends to the feeling that warmer weather is on its way.

Tomorrow night is my staff dinner and I am a little scared there will be alcohol and karaoke involved and as the token foreigner I am sure I will be targeted. Hopefully more fun stories to come. Then Friday is here and off to Busan for the weekend. A new place to explore, watch out Busan, here we come!

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Travelling Chick said...

have to say, the best strawberries I've ever tasted were in Korea.. soooo delish ..