Monday, March 28, 2011

I Write for The Korea Blog!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me! I am headed to Cheung Wa Dae. What is Cheung Wa Dae you ask? It is both the office and residence of Lee Myung Bak, a.k.a. the President of Korea. Cheung Wa Dae literally translates to The Blue House (the roof is made of blue tiles), so this is Korea's version of the American White House.

A few months back, I applied to an online blogging contest of sorts. It was being held by KOCIS (Korean Culture and Information Services), which is a branch of the Korean government. To promote tourism in Korea they were selecting guest bloggers to write about their experiences in Korea.... and my blog was selected! It is a 10 month long contract and I am not 100% sure of what it consists of (other than blogging) but it seems right up my alley. 

After I found out I was selected things got a little quiet and I didn't hear much about what the deal was. But since then things have picked up and I received an invitation to the "Worldwide Bloggers (that's me!) Opening Ceremonies". The date was a school day so I knew I wouldn't be able to make it. I didn't know at this point what Cheung Wa Dae was but my co-teacher almost blew a gasket when I showed her the invite. She hustled it over to my Principal who was quick to not only give me the day off, but also granted it with paid leave as an 'official business trip' to Seoul. Wahooo! Word got out at school pretty quickly and even though I couldn't understand any of what was being said I felt honoured to be the talk of the town. So tomorrow is the big day. The schedule looks like welcoming ceremonies, followed my a lunch, then a trip to Cheung Wa Dae. I will most definitely be snapping pics all day and will blog about it. It's not everyday you get to go check out the President's stomping ground in a foreign country. 

So the new widget on my blog is a link to THE KOREA BLOG. On the right hand menu, on their page  is a category called Worldwide Korea Bloggers and it looks like this is where the selected blogs will be posted. There is also a huge list of other bloggers' addresses to check out. Any other information I am sure I will find out tomorrow when meeting both the other bloggers and organizers. I love being in KOREA!!!!

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Joey said...

Get the hell outta dodge!!! YOU GO GIRL !! HA! Now this TOTALLY calls for ALIMAZING! xxx