Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nanta, Shopping & Budae Jigae

With spring in the air, both Jenna and I have had a bee in our bonnet to get out of Osan and into Seoul for some shopping. We've also been talking about going to the theatre to see a Korean production called NANTA. There is a Nanta theatre in Myeong Dong (a great, but insanely over crowded shopping district of Seoul), and coincidentally there are also not one but two, 4-floored H&M stores and a gigantic Forever 21 to boot!

We were up and out of Osan before the clock struck 12 on Saturday and spent a few hours shopping, people watching and generally getting mangled in the hordes of pedestrian only traffic. We stopped for an amazing lunch of budae jigae. Hands downs this is my favorite food in Korea. I think soup in general is one of my favorite things here, but more specifically it is budae jigae (MINUS the spam!) Just as a side note, this soup is a spicy thick broth with cabbage, onions, sprouts, sometimes pork bits, hot dog slices and spam in it. It translates in english to army soup, and was named this because it is what the Koreans used to make with all the leftover meat the American soldiers used to throw out. I am totally aware how unappetizing it sounds, and when I first got here, I found it gross. I am a changed woman though. Budae jigae now runs through my veins.


Okay, Nanta. After a caffeine fuel injection we made our way to the theatre and found our seats. For 40,000 won we had centre balcony tickets with a great view. The show is similar to STOMP, in that all the music is made from random found objects, but this shows revolves around the kitchen. There is minimal talking so language is not an issue, but there is still an amusing story line to follow during the almost 2 hour show. There are only 5 people in the whole performance but they make the equivalent amount of noise to an entire orchestra. There is lots of action and comedy in the show, lots of audience participation, and some pretty awe inspiring musical talent. There are also a few other theatres scattered around Seoul, so check their link for more information and some video footage.


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