Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jeju - Lunch Spot - Day Two

The well selected lunch stop.

Traditional healing herbs in their kitchen.

The kitchen, looks like home.

The Lovely Annie.

Preparing to feast!

The small restaurant we stopped at for lunch looked like it was set down in the middle of nowhere, and it pretty much was. It was family run and had space to seat maybe a few other people besides us. It was Korean food with a delicious twist. Some stuff looked like traditional fare but other dishes had a nice Asian fusion, and every bite was better than the next. Banchan (Korean side dishes) at its best. I wish I knew the correct names for each dish, but disappointingly, I don't. I lost count at some point but there were at least 20 dishes served to us. Feast your eyes.

Pumkin Soup


The circular dish is to assemble a do-it-yourself wrap.
This mini wrap is made from all the ingredients in the circular dish above.
Delicately delicious.

Kimchi sushi with roe.

I believe this was fermented fish. Pungent.


Creamy Salad.


Green salad.


Seafood Soup.

Duck with veggies & sauce.


Deep fried potato, leaf, and sweet potato (I think).


This deep fried leaf had honey drizzled over and was out of this world!


Seafood medley.



Shikeh. Sweet rice drink.

(I am sooooo hungry now!)

And, I swear, this was all in ONE MEAL!

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