Monday, December 19, 2011

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December has been a surprisingly quiet month. It is the end of the year and classes are a few days short of being finished, so things are picking up with holiday festivities just around the corner. Chistmas falls on a weekend this year so with no extra time off, I am packing in as much as I can in the 2 days I have to celebrate. The plan is to spend Christmas Eve at home with Garry. We will make a trip to Noryangjin, the fish market is Seoul during the day and pick out our dinner. We are having a seafood feast of lobster and king crab. Sunday, Christmas will be spent partly at home, and then we'll head out later in the day. I am cooking us up a brunch, just like Mom's back home. I just got a copy of my Mom's mouth watering recipe for brie souffle topped with blueberry sauce and can't wait to try it out (a Christmas tradition at home). After a lazy Sunday of presents, mimosas and a healthy dose of Christmas spirit, we will make our way down to Osan for a Russian Christmas! Denis and Natalia (and my brand new godson Anthony), are hosting us for the evening. The only details I know so far are duck and vodka will be plentiful. Oh, and I am making dessert, definitely NOT my cooking specialty, especially here in Korea. I am hoping by Sunday, to have produced an impecable looking strawberry cheesecake. I will follow up with lots of photos to illustrate the succees and/or failure of the task next week. We also have theatre tickets for Friday evening, so we will be kept entertained and happy all weekend long.  

Totally unrelated to Christmas and holidays and festivities, Kim Jung Il is dead (great segway, I know). Yesterday the world found out about his death and everyone has been buzzing about it online since then. I think I am in a pretty iconic place to witness this world event. For the most part, South Korea has gone unchanged. The country kept on going, without even skipping a beat. The military has been put on a Red Alert, but aside from that, nothing has changed. Apparently there is a 10 day mourning period for the old fool, and then political changes will start to take place north of the border.  I guess time will tell to see how the events will unfold. It is so interesting reading and listening to world wide media and knowing this is all happening just a few hours away from where I live. There is so much speculation as to how this will unfold and what affect it will have mostly on Korea, but also the rest of the world. To read all the different perspectives and opinions is so interesting, now for the reality of it to actually unfold.

In other news, again, totally unrelated, last night was a huge bench marking occasion for KOCIS (Korean Culture & Information Service, who I blog for). KOCIS celebrated their 40th anniversary with a huge party in The Westin Chosun Ballroom. I went and met up with a few other of the Jeju bloggers and it was a really nice evening. Lots to write about and pictures to post, so stay tuned for an update.

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