Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 10 Things I Am Most Excited For Going Home

1.  Seeing my family.

2.  Seeing my friends.

3.  My cat Minky (although I am NOT excited about the allergies returning that I have been free of for all this time).

4.  Having access to the rest of my wardrobe (I had to struggle not to put this as number one).

5.  Not having to squat down to pee everyday at work.

6.  Not having to take out my nose ring and tongue ring every morning before work.

7.  Ethnic diversity.

8.  Girls Weekends away.

9.  Driving a car.

10. A diet that does not include rice on a daily basis (in fact give me at least 6 months before I see another white grain of rice please).


Joey said...

HUGE fan of all your excitements.. I promise not to make you rice at our Seamar adventure.. but many chicken wings, anitpasto, wine, prosecco & this DELISH new vodka orange/pom drink Kat invented... and not just a few Caesars' the next morning. LOVE xxx

Alexandra DeMaria said...

Yeah! I just saw this post now and OMG, my mouth SALIVATED reading off your list of delicacies. I think I am may be most excited for your wings and prosecco.... amongst other things! Actually I am most excited for the antipasto, wine, and Kat's new bevvy too! Xoxoxox.