Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Cosmopolitan Kid

Anthony Sudakov is my God Son. Anthony's mom Natalia is from Russia, and his dad Denis is from the Ukraine. Anthony has a Korean birth certificate. In just over a year he will apply for a Canadian passport, once his parents, our good friends, immigrate from Korea to Toronto. At less than 4 months old, he is more cosmopolitan than a lot of adults I know.

Baby Anthony & I

Last weekend was Anthony's baptism. His parents found a Russian Orthodox Church in Seoul and we spent Sunday at the church baptizing him and then celebrating afterwards. It was a little strange seeing an Asian looking man speaking Russian and performing the service. I didn't understand anything that was said (I am used to that, living in Korea) but it was held in a small basement section of the church property and it was beautiful to look at. Anthony was so well behaved and spent a big part of the ceremony asleep in my arms. As an aside, he is SOOOO heavy, so much respect to Natalia, she is so strong to lug that little man around all day and all night. I am pretty sure his limbs are made of steel.

We have arrived!

The God Parents

Denis, Natalia & Anthony

A big difference between an Orthodox baptism and a Catholic one, is that the Holy Water is usually just poured over the child's head in the Catholic church. Sweet little Anthony got stripped down to his diapers (luckily it wasn't cold in the church) and he was dunked right in a huge bowl of the water, right up to his shoulders. A rude awakening from his slumber but he took it like a champ. He barely made a peep. The priest sang most of the words through the service in a loud, monotone and almost droning voice, the way priests tend to have, and I think it was a lullaby for Anthony.

The location: St.Maxim Orthodox Church, Seoul

The Priest.

The big bowl on the bottom right is where he got dunked.

Being blessed.

After the baptism we headed to Dongtan, a new and nicer suburb off of Osan. Natalia and Denis took us to Ashley's, a great buffet place with unlimited, free flowing red and white wine from a barrel. White wine is a rarity while dining out in Korea, so already, I was over the moon.  Lunch/dinner was amazing. There was so much selection (some Korean, but mostly western food) and one dish was better than the next. Anthony was definitely the star of the show. Natalia has told me all about this phenomenon but it was fun to experience. Koreans LOVE white babies! Apparently she gets stopped all the time. It makes sense, cause they look different front what they're used to, especially when they are cute little ones (I LOOOOOOOOVE Korean babies!) So hardly a person could pass us without stopping and staring and smiling at Anthony. He is one popular little baby.

In Korea, meals always happen really quickly. You're in, you eat, and you're out. At this restaurant, we took our time and no one rushed us and it seemed like we were on par with everyone else's pace. It made me a little nostalgic of home. We ate, talked, drank wine, ate some more, had coffee, drank some more wine and talked some more. It was such a great Sunday. We arrived at the restaurant at around 4, and I am pretty sure it was after 8pm when we left. Food, wine, good friends and great conversations. I left my house just after 10am to make sure I was on time to meet Denis, Natalia, Anthony and Tyson (the Godfather), and didn't make it back home until around 10pm. A very enjoyable Sunday!

Digging in. 

One of the few dessert plates that were on the table.

Happy faces & full bellies.


I already have 2 God daughters back in Canada, my niece Belle and one of my besties' daughters, Ella.  I look forward to the day when Anthony is settled with his parents living in Canada and I can introduce one side of my little clan to the other.

***The photos here are all from Natalia's camera, because I was too busy holding Anthony and coo'ing over him all day (okay and eating and drinking) to have my camera out and active.


Joey said...

Awesome share!! And you my sweet Lexy are a Cosmopolitan G-Mama!! SO cool. Such a blessing and an honour. Love it that the three of them are destined for T.O... As are you :) sooooo soon.


amc said...

VERY cute, and an interesting insight into something I wouldn't otherwise have known about / experienced! Oh and congrats to all involved! xx

natalia said...

Nice blog Alex, good job!!!
I am so happy that this is not the end of our relations and we have the opportunity to meet in the future in Canada! And we so proud to have so wonderful godmother!
Thank you for the lessons, for coming to us and keeping our company and of course for being godmother for our son Anthony!
We all love you and will miss you!!!