Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

High Park Cherry Blossoms

Spring is probably one of the best times of year for a lot of people. I am actually a summer girl through and through but it doesn't mean that I can't appreciate all the wonderful things happening in the spring time. After a long winter, there is nothing more refreshing and awe inspiring than a breath of fresh spring air. The grass starts to grow, brown turns to green and flowers come into bloom.

In Korea, spring was beautiful. Spring in Korea = cherry blossoms. I highly anticipated this time last year because Korea needs no special reason to throw a festival and cherry blossoms, are as good of a reason as any. Last April I went on an amazing biking trip to Gyeongju, a very historical city in Korea that is infested with cherry blossom trees and eye popping scenery. It was pretty epic.

Here is a link to that blog entry: BIKING THROUGH BLOSSOMS.

This year, although I am not in Korea to experience the cherry blossoms at their finest, I did the best I could do here in Toronto. The biggest collection of cherry blossoms in one area in the city is in High Park and it is usually mayhem there at this time of year. People flock from far and wide to walk under the arched branches strung with the light fluffy cotton puffs of cherry blossoms. On line, like in Korea, there are ways to monitor what the exact day is that the blossoms will peak, but because of moving and life's general craziness I missed the height of the frenzy (my boss went and said frenzy was an understatement). This was actually a blessing in disguise because the day my boyfriend and I went, we were able to grab a coffee just before the sun went down, and stroll through the park without being crushed by a herd of others. It was busy, but not to the point that it was over crowded. Just a bunch of like minded people, out in nature, enjoying the beauty around us.

Typically, I took a slew of pictures (before the battery on my DSLR died) but due to aforementioned move (and again, just general unorganization), I cannot find my camera cable to download all my pictures to my laptop, *sigh*. Luckily, when camera #1 died I switched to my iPhone. So below is a collection of iPhone pictures and when I finally organize my life (and my new house), I will find the camera cord and do a separate "Cherry Blossom Photo Blog". But here is a little teaser just for now.

Happy Cherry Blossom Season!

Last rays of golden sunshine of the day.

Posing with coffee and camera with dead battery :-(

Like minded people enjoying pretty things.

Happy Cherry Blossoms from High Park!

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