Saturday, March 13, 2010


After just a few days we headed away from the madness of the big city south to Goa. Another crazy 10 hour train ride and we finally caught sight of the ocean. We picked Baga (not the best choice) to arrive at because there was a Dive Shop there, but Baga itself was pretty crappy. The ocean was lovely but the beach was composed mostly of aged, wrinkled, gigantically overweight and oiled up Europeans getting waited on hand and foot by Indians.

Ya it was quite the site. Anywho, we did our dive with Goa Aquatics and met some great people. Unfortunately the day we went diving the visibility was NON EXISTANT! It must have been less than a metre and Jess and I actually had to hold hands not lose eachother at the bottom. We were almost holding on to our dive masters fins also, not to lose him!!!! Needless to say we didnt last long. The second site was a bit better but not much. We had planned on diving a ship wreck and I am was so disappointed cause we just barely got to see it and mostly just kept crashing into it. But I think I will return to Baga later to redo the Wreck Dive.

We just barely wet our whistle with the dives, and the guys at the shop were headed on a road trip down south to another site called Mugudeshwar a few hours south, so we ended up tailing along with them and a small diving entourage for a few days. So nice to travel in a group and with a few locals who actually knew where they were going (more so than us, anyways) and what they were doing! We all stayed together in a dodgy guest house, had meals out, went boozing in the evening and lived with a pack for a few days.

After the dive, we all headed back up towards Baga. Jess and I parted ways with them and jumped off the train in South Goa. Jess was with me for a few amazing days in sleepy Palolem. The high season is pretty much done so now its blissfully quiet this far down south. Palolem beach is relatively empty but we walked a few beaches over to Patnem and it was basically EMPTY, so nice to see after the disappointment of Baga.

So Jess left 2 days ago and I am now, quite happily, flying solo. I LOVED every minute spent with her and she made it so easy cause when I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to figure anything out Jess totally stepped up to plate. But I don't mind being on my own now (ask me that again in a week, and i might not be so keen).

I'm only just starting to take out my guide book and piece together the next few weeks and where I will be. Its looking like a few more days here, then back to Baga for the wreck dive and then up to the north to do a yoga retreat. But who knows....that could all change at the drop of a pin. So for now I'm here in Palolem, happy as a cat!

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Travelling Chick said...

hey lady - keeping on rockin the nomadic life ... LOVE IT! great pix - will be watching you and all you're doing :) be safe xxx