Saturday, March 13, 2010

Udaipur and Onwards

We left Udaipur the day after the Holi Festival, March 2nd. We loaded onto a sleeper bus for 16 hours to Mumbai. I was missing Vikram (our driver)like there was no tomorrow. Jess and I were in the very last, 2nd storey, compartment at the back of the bus, stuffed into our little make shift bed and flying all over the place like popping pieces of popcorn! I came out battered and bruised with next to no sleep, meanwhile I had to wake Jess up once we got to Mumbai, she was out like a light, almost the whole time, shocking, huh?

We headed to Colaba, an area in Mumbai and did a few touristy things. We went to the India Gate, similar the Arc de Triomphe, then took a very long boat ride to Elephanta Island and saw some cave temples, and met a lovely young Indian girl who took to us on the journey.

I was adamant to make it to Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai for the sunset and we had a lovely dinner from the food stalls watching all the locals parading around enjoying the evening.

From there we decided to beelineoutta the big city and head south to catch some sun and beach in Goa......YEAH!

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