Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Life is rolling along at a quick and steady pace on this side of the world. School is still on holidays, so I am enjoying the lazy hours of the english camp daily routine. Even though there is a little more work in the lesson plans, I am enjoying teaching so much more because of the small class sizes and lack of textbook content. I also get to leave school pretty much anytime after lunch, so I am home most days mid afternoon, which is not a bad work schedule to have. Home just in time to curl up in bed, in the sunshine, for an afternoon nap.

I finished last week with my grade 5/6 class, and I am so pleasantly surprised to admit I actually miss teaching them. There were only 7 kids, but they were really good students and so keen to learn. I enjoyed making lessons fun for them and coming up with things to teach (listen to me, wow!). A highlight was definitely the lesson on "My Crazy Invention". They had a few perimeters to make a poster with a drawing and explanation of their inventions to present to the class. Some of the best ones were the Rocket Bed, which takes you to the bathroom without ever having to walk on your own 2 feet. The Classroom Robot, which goes to school for you and records your lesson and plays it to you over headphones while you sleep at night. A Brain Chip to make you smarter and a soccer ball with a video camera in it to solve any close calls on the pitch. The kids really enjoyed it, and so did I. Another lesson was all about family. I had to include a picture of one of my students family trees. Her name is Jess and she is a great artist and so detailed. It took her about half an hour to present this to the class!

Outside of school, I am in partial hibernation mode because it is so damn cold! I know I am from Canada and should be used to it (I am reminded of that over and over again, when I whine about the cold) but I still hate it. The only saving grace, and I admit it's a big one,  is that at least a Korean winter spares all the snow. We get the biting cold but there is no traipsing through snow and slush and ice the way we get it at home.

My last trip to Seoul was to SEMA, Seoul's Museum of Modern Art. After a minor detour from getting lost I stumbled across the gallery and went to see a Marc Chagall exhibit. Both the gallery and the exhibit were worth the trip, minus the herds of people I had to compete with to sneak a peak at the paintings. The exhibit was broken up in a really interesting way and I really enjoyed my afternoon soaking it all in. A little dose of western culture while soaking up everything I can in the east.

I had a sad goodbye with Odya maybe just over a week ago, but have found someone new to replace her already. In a bizarre turn of events, I am now cat sitting a total strangers cat for a few weeks. Although not quite as spunky and cute as Odya, this one is little to no maintenance (if you don't count all the vacuuming I'm doing from her endless shedding). Layla just sits around and sleeps and eats and well.... you get the picture. Not much activity, but still someone to come home to. Seems like the word has spread that I like cats and am available to cat sit in Korea. I REALLY need Garry to get here, before I turn into the crazy spinster Korean cat lady!

Last weekend in Osan was a really fun one. I had to tear myself away from the warmth of my pad to meet up with some other teachers for a local pub crawl on Friday night but it was totally worth it. We had a 2 drink minimum rule per place but that got lost by the way side. The evening ended with my first trip to a noriebang (karaoke), since I have come to Korea. Singing songs in the classroom with the kiddies has obviously desensitized me (that and alcoholic lubrication), cause I had no difficulty belting out tunes till 6am with the crew I was with.

Saturday was a slow day but it had some major highlights. This was the weekend of our annual girls weekend trip and some of my besties at home were at Blue Mountain for a chillout (yeah right) getaway. I was feeling a little hazy but the gals were quick to remind me, the hair of the dog would solve my problems! I sat around with them on many occasions during the weekend over drinks, via skype. For anyone who doesn't know (which I am pretty sure the whole world must), I am scrabble obsessed. I love scrabble, and miss playing it so much. So in the early hours of the morning, via skype, we managed to somehow finagle a cross continental game with web cams, screen shots  and giggles all around. I was in heaven. Even though it sucked not being able to actually be there with the girls, I felt so amazingly connected with them all weekend long, from a world away.

And best for last and by far the most exciting piece of news to report: I booked a plane ticket to China. After sitting around Osan over Christmas while everyone else was gallivanting through Asia, I am sooooo excited for my turn! I was humming and hawing about the price but finally just took the plunge. Ticket prices almost doubled because I am going over a big holiday but as I was cleverly reminded (thanks for giving me the shove I needed Joanna) how many opportunities in my life will I have to visit China, on the biggest event of their calendar, the CHINESE NEW YEAR? Exactly. So I have a ticket. I leave in 2 weeks and am bubbling with anticipation. The countdown is on.

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Travelling Chick said...

double love on this post!!!! wooo hoo norebangs ... and fantabulous China!! you go woman .. sounds like you are making the most of your experience there .. well done you!