Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sleepy Vay-Cay

I am exactly half way through my week of holidays and have NOTHING of interest to report. Most of my friends are either working or have gone on a trip somewhere, so it's pretty quiet in my world.

I do however have a houseguest. Her name is Odya, and even though I feel like I am cheating on Minky, I love her very much :) It's amazing how nice it is having something else alive being with me at home. I keep meaning to get a plant, but a little kitten is way more fun!!! I only have her for a few more days while friends are off visiting Busan in the south of Korea.

I am taking Korean classes this week and they are so-so. Monday started off rough. The five day curriculum was shortened to three and changed from learning Hangeul (Korean), to Korean Culture. WTF? I am SUBMERSED in Korean culture everyday of my life right now, I want to learn how to read and maybe speak a little. A few of us complained so day two and three were definitely an improvement. No more Korean folklore, instead, I learned how to order take out food and say my address, as well as usefull commands in the classroom. The last half hour today was dedicated to the alphabet, which is what I wanted all along, so now I have to actually study and practise it. Technically class goes till the end of the week, but I am skipping tomorrow to go day tripping to Seoul and be a tourist.

I treated myself out for dinner this evening. It was awesome, as almost all of my Korean food experiences have been (minus the pig intestines incident). The lady asked me (mimed actually) if I wanted spicy and I said (gestured) only just a little. When I took my first bite it almost blew my top off! In the soup was tofu, doek bokki, veggies, pork dumplings, and clear noodles. The rest is the typical assortment on banchans.

FYI. The purple stuff I posted for my Mom to see, it's not Korean. I made kapusta. Polish cabbage dish with onions and ham bits. Not as good as yours Mom but I still enjoyed it.

And just to add a quick KOREAN TIDBIT. Most people don't take their jackets off in restaurants to eat here. This annoys me, I can't eat with my jacket on. Koreans mostly eat SOOOO quickly, as well. Tonight at dinner I counted 4 other tables that came in after me and left before me. I guess not taking jackets on/off adds to their overall in & out time. I used to eat really really really slowly growing up. I am not as bad now, but when I come home I am going to inhale my food compared to everyone else. Bad habit to pick up, I really hope I don't.

It's a lazy night, Odya is sprawled out on my arms and my computer, purring like a lioness and she is making me sleeping just looking at her. I think it's time to grab my book and head to bed.

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