Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Busan was a pre-vacation vacation to kick summer holidays off and celebrate Garry's birthday. I had my last day of school on Friday and by early Saturday morning Garry and I were traveling cross country to sunny Busan. After a  month straight of monsoon rains we welcomed a sunny and blue sky forecast. Our friend Jessica, who lives in Busan, was off in Canada, so after a little bit of struggling, we were able to get into her apartment and spend our few days staying there, it was a great set up. Jess lives right on the subway line and a stones throw away from the beach. We opted to stay clear of Haeundai Beach, just like the last time we visited. Instead we hung out on Gwangali Beach, which in my opinion is a much nicer area.
Our 3 days were spent leisurely doing nothing. Saturday night we went out for a nice dinner and drinks for Garry's birthday. Sunday was a beach day of frolicking in the icey water, people watching, munching on goodies and watching the day go by. Sunday night we had yet another epic Busan meal (last time we treated ourselves to king crabs). This time we went for bbq'ed shells. We had clams, and scallops and some other types ranging in size from about a loonie, to bigger than the size of my hand. They had seasoning on them, and sauces to dip in and were so delicious. There was the typical array of side dishes and just cause we were sitting by the ocean we ordered a tray of giant prawns to wash it all down with. Fresh air, seafood, a beautiful environment and good company, it was a perfect recipe for such a nice evening. After dinner, we nipped back to Jessica's and grabbed a bottle of champagne Garry and I had been saving for a special occasion and headed back on the beach to pop it. Perfection. Yum Yum Pop.
Monday morning we woke up and had brunch on a patio at the seafront and it was so stinking hot we actually opted out of the beach. Instead we took a trip to Shinsegae, world's largest department store, and poked around Gucci and Tiffany's and other way out of our league kind of places. It was an impressive mall though and we had lunch overlooking an indoor skating rink, at a much nicer temperature than melting on the beach.
By late Monday night we were back in Osan and now on Wednesday evening my bags are packed and I am ready for the real vacation. BORACAY here I come! Our flight is early tomorrow morning and there is no way to get to the airport for 5:30 am, so we are packing up and heading out to spend the night in  the airport jimjilbang (Garry's first jimjilbang experience!) Should be interesting.
I have some great pics from the trip to Busan so i will post them in a separate post when I get home. Right now, I have a flight to catch!

UPDATE: photos are posted now in a separate blog:

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