Friday, August 5, 2011

Busan Photo Blog

Enroute by train,  cross country to Busan.

Gwangali Bridge by night.

Wine, patio and Garry. A perfect night. 

May be too small to see but propped up on the soju bottle is a phone.
This family watched TV all through dinner. It made me sad,
but Koreans LOVE their phones & their television. 

Gwangali Beach

Gwangali Beach

My obligatory foot shot :)

When brain storming on the word "SUMMER" in a grade 5 class, one student said tube.
 I didn't really understand until I got to Busan in the height of summer. Everyone has one. 

Ajumma swimsuit fashion.

Typical ajumma beach wear.

After beach drinks on the strip (I went for a Bloody Mary cause it's such an afternoon
sunshine drink, but all it made me do was  miss my Canadian Caesars even more).

Happy Beach Bums

This burger was of epic porportions and tasted great!

Shellfish BBQ. Amazing.
One of the best parts of Busan is the seafood. 

Biggest scallop I have ever eaten.
Tasted even better than it looked. 

I want to go back to Busan for more seafood.
Yum Yum Pop.

Cooked to perfection.

And a few shrimps just to top it all off. 

Moonlighting over Korea.

Me, in a happy place. 

Champers + Beach = Perfect
(even in paper cups).


Our meal.

The contstruction workers lunch working on the
building next to where we stayed.
(Can you see the difference?)

Looking up @ Shinsegae Department Store.

Cafeteria food at the mall. Classy stuff. 

Beautiful views on the train ride home.

Sunsetting somewhere in Korea.

NOTE: Here is the link to the blog entry with more details from my trip to Busan.

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