Saturday, February 27, 2010

Delhi Belly

Almost 2 days from when the trouble began I am almost feeling 100% better. But Friday afternoon, roaming the markets of Pushkar, I got hit with the travellers bug that was pretty ferocious, otherwise known here as Delhi Belly. Without going into any unneccesary details, both yesterday and today we have had slow days (though 6 hrs of yesterday was spent in a car in mid day heat- not exactly a dream come true recovery place after spending all of the night before praying to the porcelain god).

Stop. Rewind. So from Delhi, Jessie and I made the most amazing decision to hire our own car and driver to show us through Rajasthan. This is a first for me in all my travel experience and I have to admit, it is pretty damn comfortable. The car is basic, no AC, and our driver Vikram has the strongest Indian accent, so we probably are only catching about 60% of what he says but its amazing. We get chauffeured everywhere. So far no trains, no buses, no time schedules, or tickets or hassles. Dont get me wrong, once we get to Udaipur this all ends and we get to delve into the realities of India and everyday travel, but for now....this is plush and Im soaking it up!

We are on a whirlwind tour of Rajasthan. In 6 nights we have visited 5 different cities. All of which have been amazing in their own way. We left Delhi and arived in Agra and saw the Taj Mahal. That was the high so far. We splurged and took the penthouse suite (nothing to write home about!) of the guest house we were staying in and got up for sunrise and watched it from the roof top, then walked the 5 minuted to the Taj at 8am and wandered around. AMAZING!!!!

From Agra we went to a place called Ranthambhore where we were up at 5:30 and headed out a top an open roof truck on a morning safari. We didnt end up seeing a tiger but did catch a leopard, antelopes, a few deers, loads of monkeys and lotsa birds. Somewhat anti-climatic.

From Ranthambhore was Jaipur, then Pushkar and then Jodhpur (this is where Jodhpur pants got their name) We have seen too many Forts & temples and Palaces to name them all but as always Ive gone camera happy and have loads of pictures.

India is pretty incredible. Like no other country I have been to. Im learning all about different religions living in unity and trying to soak up as much culture as possible, which isnt tough to do here. Unfortunatley it is dirtier than ANY place ive ever laid eyes on. There is pollution everywhere and the standard of living is crazy....after getting sick im a little paranoid now of germs and eating safely but its tough to do here. Dirt and grime and litter are EVERYWHERE. Jessie read a funny quote from a book she is reading saying 'the only safe place to touch is yourself in India' and its so true!

I hear its snowing at home. Its roasting hot here. Like really really really hot. What sucks though is that everyday we have been covered top to bottom as much as possible with long pants and usually tees and a shawl to wrap around our arms and shoulders. The Indians wear enough clothing to keep you warm on a cool autumn day in Toronto. Men women and children. Its INSANE, they layer up tank top, shirts, vest, blazer, and even when draped in clothes and saris there is layer on top of layer, and always a scarf around their necks or heads with turbans....i break out into a sweat just thinking about it!!!! But when in Rome......we're trying to stay covered. SO as the snow falls you can take a little comfort in how uncomfortable Jess and I are in the heat :)

Ok, breakfast awaits me, time for some chai tea to start my morning and then we are off to visit another Fort in Jodhpur and then headed to Udaipur, via Ranakpor!


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