Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oops. There was England too.

Although today is Day One of India, there was a perfect transition from my realities in Toronto to my extended vacation by spending 10 days in my home away from home. England was perfect as it always is, just as I left.

I had a perfect dose of Amanda, who though I hadnt spoken to her in months it took mere minutes to swing back into the comfort of our old conversations and routines. Hanging at the flat, amazing conversations, great food, lots of wine and CARDS!!! I did a little bit of touristy things just so I could squeeze in some people watching in Camden and then an afternoon in Central London walking around before a hot dinner date & then theatre with Amanda to see (again, but probably better than the first time) THE WOMAN IN BLACK, in a small indie type theatre in Covent Garden.

I made it down to Brighton briefly but still managed to get in lots of trouble for Valentine's Day having a nice meal out, bar hopping and then eventually a club on the seafront with Will & company, which lasted way into the daylight hours, as usual when he is about! Even though it was brief my love affair with Brighton continues, some things will never change. And I think I might've actually gotten Garry, at a (very!) weak moment, to consider eventually moving there with me :)

I also got a night out with Natasha, and a small glimpse into the world she has created for herself in London. I loved seeing all the old faces and the level of familiarity with London after all these years.

England was an easy transition; a perfect segway from my day to day life in Toronto, to the what lies ahead. Now back to India....

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