Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pukka Beach

Towards the tail end of our stay in Boracay we finally ventured off to the other side of the island. We kept saving it for a sunny day until we realized we weren't ever going to get a full one. To get to Pukka Beach, we just had to hop on the back of one of the many trikes driving around the island. A trike is a motorcyle with a little buggy attached to the side fitting anywhere from 1 to maybe 6 people in it. We paid the equivalent of about $2 for maybe a 10 or 15 minute ride. Destination: Pukka Beach. White Beach, on the main drag of the island was beautiful. The sand was like walking in baby powder it was so soft. Pukka Beach was a nice contrast to this. The whole beach was made up of worn down shells and corals. It was a shell collectors haven. I could have sat on the beach inspecting all the different shapes and sizes and colours for days on end. Pukka Beach was also almost completely deserted. Our first visit there we walked off to one end of the beach, and sat there totally undisturbed for the rest of the day. The water was warm and it was a little more sheltered from the winds, so it seemed a little calmer, though with a heavy under current.

Day one on Pukka Beach brought some unexpected sunshine and a lot of lazing about. We swam and sun tanned and just soaked up the beautiful sights. Garry and I spent as much time frolicking in the water as possible, it was so beautiful. On day two, there were 3 local fisherman who had our attention for ages. At first we watched from afar, but it seemed a LOT of work for very little results so we went in to investigate. The 3 men arrived on a small  boat with a net and they would unravel it on land, cast part of it out to sea, and then boat the other end of it out a little further. One guy would dive down with his mask and then slowly they would pull it to shore, sometimes catching a small fish but mostly just collecting coral and rocks. I chatted a bit with them and was brought over to their boat and in a secret compartment, proud as punch, one of the 3 showed me the afternoons' catch. Two little fish. But he seemed pleased with himselfso I was happy for them. We ended up calling it a day before they did so I have no idea how long they went at it for, but those were some patient and dedicated fishermen.

Here are some of the pictures from Pukka Beach.

In the back of a trike. 

So unsafe but the drivers daughter was adorable. 

Drivers co-pilot.

Smoothed out and softened shells and corals.

Three patient fishermen.

Catch of the day after hours of work.

Team work.

Our secret haven for the day, undisturbed.

Happy me.

Happy us.

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