Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Comes To An End, and the blog is resurrected.

2013 is only days away from ending and I noticed it has been over a year since I entered a blog. Writing my blog was so habitual for so long, and now it has just dried up. Mostly because this blog has always been my travel blog and I have been pretty stationary in Toronto for the past year and half. After my return from Korea, I kept the blog going for a while trying to "find Korea in Toronto." I drifted. Ironically, I am now back at school for another writing focused post grad degree, and I am not blogging, shame on me. Hence the entry. My December resolution is to start writing a few articles here and there (especially on, and to start blogging again.

I haven't decided whether or not to keep this blog going or to leave it as my travel blog and start a fresh new one for Alex In The City. Either way, I must get back into writing more. I think along with not travelling right now, is also the fact that in school I am writing all the time with assignments coming out of my yahoo. So it's hard to motivate myself to just write more. But I will do, and I really want to, especially now that I am on a bit of a break from school and the academic world.

So before 2013 comes to end, I thought I would back track a little and just throw some photos up from the little mini breaks I did have. I was beach bumming back in March for a week in the Caribbean and then shortly there after I had a crazy extended long weekend at a music festival in South Beach, Miami. The memories aren't exactly fresh but there are tons of pictures to post. So that will be a nice and easy transition to bring me back into the blogosphere.

Stay tuned.

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