Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snapshots of South Beach

Welcome to South Beach. Madness ensued. 

Easing ourselves into it, and catching up with all the Brits @Nikki Beach.

Nikki Beach

Kinda speaks for itself. 

We have NO FUN AT ALL when we hang out. 

Next party. Next day. Next venue. More tomfoolery. 

Not all of us, but part of the most fun crew ever. 

Mz.Kitty and I, gussied up for the only fancy meal we went out for
at Katsuya's in the SLS hotel, on the strip. 
More accessorizing.

New day, new party. Delano Hotel. 

The lovely ladies crew (plus Christian).

British Love.

And darkness falls. 

One of our dance floors was in a POOOOOOL!

See! Pool dance floors are the coolest thing ever. There should be more. 

This pic is fuzzy, but it pretty much
sums up my week with Kat ;-)

Kat strutting on the strip. 

Me + Brits = excessive fun. 

The Delano Hotel 

More of the Delano. Last day, last party. 

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