Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mini-Break in Domican Republic

In March, after enduring my first Canadian in over 3 years, we booked a quick and cheap getaway down south. I hadn't been on a package vacation in ages and I was quickly reminded the reason for that. As lovely as it was to shed all the layers of clothing and bask in sunshine by the ocean, all inclusives are NOT my favourite way to travel. We basically sat in one spot for 7 days on the beach, interrupted only by eating, sleeping, and drinking. As temperatures are plummeting and winter is in full swing right now, that combination of activities is actually pretty tempting.

More to the point, if I had choice I would have gone to so many more interesting places in this world. But with only a week off work and a very limited budget, we made the most of it.

Here are a few snaps from our week of sand, sea and lots of sunshine.

I spy with my little eye…..

Palm trees & coconuts = happiness.

I like accessories. 

Pretty views everywhere I looked.

Our home base for 7 days of sunshine.

Feet up and relaxing. 

Beach bound.

This is happy Alex.

Best view in the house.

This little dude spent an afternoon under our umbrella. 

One of MANY foot shots. 


Little crab, who was not too happy about my photo shoot. 


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